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Breast MRI

Breast health begins with early detection. We are committed to helping identify the  signs of illness with adjunct MRI screening. 

FirstScan™ is the only standalone facility in the region that is accredited by the ACR for body and pelvic imaging

Pelvic MRI

Prostate MRI

FirstScan™ is the premiere prostate MRI detection

facility in the region. We offer the highest accuracy in noninvasive prostate cancer detection.

Neuro MRI

Using the most advanced technology and clinical methodology we offer precision imaging of the brain, head, neck, and spine.

The Only Outpatient

3T MRI in the Area

Orthopedic MRI

As the only regional independent facility with a 3T MRI scanner, we offer the most accurate and detailed orthopedic diagnostic images.

FirstScan™ is Omaha's only MRI facility

with a dedicated adjunctive screening program

MRI is a diagnostic imaging technology with high sensitivity and specificity. As an adjunctive screening tool used to supplement less accurate imaging technologies including CT, ultrasound, and mammography, it can can support early detection, post-diagnosis monitoring, and preoperative staging of a range of pathologies in certain high risk patients. Adjunctive screening can also provide physicians with more accurate information in difficult diagnostic dilemmas.

Introducing Well Body MRI™

A Whole Body MRI Scan

The current standard of medical care focuses

on treating disease rather than preventing it. With all the evidence that shows the early detection of illness is the key a greater range of medical treatments, lower medical costs, and higher survival rates, we believe there is a better way. Whole Body MRI will help you detect problems before they advance into serious illnesses.

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