LesionQuant® Lesion Quantification MRI

FirstScan™ is proud to be the first independent diagnostic testing facility in the area to offer LesionQuant® MRI lesion segmentation and quantification. As part of our adjunctive screening program, LesionQuant® that offers two unique reports that enhance the ability to identify and monitor the number and progression of lesions within the brain. These visualization tools allow physicians and researchers quantitative measurements that support clinical assessment, treatment planning, and disease progression monitoring.

Why Choose Adjunctive Screening With LesionQuant®:

LesionQuant® provides fast, accurate, and reliable information for physicians that can supports all aspects of disease identification, management, and treatment. LesionQuant® offers three segmentation and volumetric analyses on lesions. 


  • Regional Lesion Segmentation: LesionQuant® will color code lesions based on their anatomical location in the brain in the leukocortical, periventricular, infratentorial, and deep white regions. 

  • Individual Lesion Segmentation: Individual lesions will be color-coded.

  • Lesion Volume Change: Lesions can be compared with prior scans to determine both increasing and decreasing lesion volumes.

How LesionQuant® Works:

LesionQuant® starts with a brain MRI scan. The data collected by the scan is then sent to a HIPAA-protected server, where the LesionQuant® software automatically identifies and segments the lesions within the brain. The lesions are then measured and colorized. The information is then reviewed a Radiologists and two comprehensive and detailed reports are sent to your physician. 

FirstScan™ is the only independent facility in the region accredited by the ACR for Body imaging 

We are also accredited for MSK, Spine, and Head imaging

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