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Lien Program for Personal Injury Attorneys

medical lien for mri

When your client is injured and needs treatment on a letter of protection or a lien, FirstScan™ can help. FirstScan™ offers a flexible lien program for both personal injury and workers compensation so your patient can receive the care they need when they need it, not when the insurance company decides to settle the claim. We offer dedicated assistance, fast scheduling, and the medical documentation needed to provide proof of injury.

Our lien program includes:


  • Fast and Easy Scheduling: We understand how important it is in a personal injury case for patients to have medical documentation connecting their injury to the accident. So we offer fast scheduling, including same-day scheduling when available, in order to get your clients the proof they need quickly.

  • Highest diagnostic capabilities: We are the only independent clinic in the region to have a 3T MRI scanner which provides unparalleled diagnostic imaging. With this technology we can image any part of the anatomy and provide full, detailed reports for accurate diagnosis of any injury.

  • Convenient Delivery of Reports: We offer cloud storage of medical reports and a turnover of 24 hours. We are able to load these forms onto other forms of secure media to present to the insurance companies or courts as necessary.


  • Patient-Focused Care:  We understand how stressful it is when a patient is injured through no fault of their own, so we provide a safe, comfortable environment so patients can get the treatment they need without added stress. We offer private dressing rooms, friendly staff, and a fast scanning experience.

We accept both personal injury liens and worker’s compensation liens.

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