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Lien Program for Physicians

patient lien for mri

When your patient has been injured, you need complete diagnostic information to develop an effective treatment program. However, if they’ve been injured in an accident, the money they needed for medical care may be held up by the insurance companies. At FirstScan™, we prioritize early detection to aid in the treatment of injuries, so we’ve partnered offer a lien program for both personal injuries and worker's compensation.. Our lien program offers patients the chance to get the healthcare they need when they need it, not when the insurance companies decide to settle the claim. 

 MRI is the most accurate diagnostic tool:


As a diagnostic tool, MRI used a magnetic pulse to collect images, so it is safer than X-ray and CT which measures the absorption of ionizing radiation. MRI is also a superior diagnostic method that depicts the anatomy in higher detail. MRI is fully accepted by the insurance industry as objective and reliable. A detailed MRI of an injury can help prove your patient’s claims better than any other form of diagnostic imaging. 

 Our lien program includes:

  • Fast and Easy Scheduling: We know the longer you wait to diagnose and treat an injury, the worst it can become. We offer fast scheduling, including same-day scheduling when available, in order to get your clients the care they need immediately. 

  • Patient-Focused Care: We understand that where you refer your patients is an extension of your own practice. So we provide a safe, comfortable environment where your patients can get the treatment they need stress-free. We have private dressing rooms, a friendly staff, and the fastest scanning experience. 

  • Highest Diagnostic Capabilities: We are the only independent clinic in the region to have a 3T MRI scanner which offers unparalleled diagnostic imaging. With this technology, we can image any part of the anatomy to empower chiropractors to develop a comprehensive, targeted treatment program.

  • Convenient Delivery of Reports: We offer cloud storage of medical reports and a turnover of 24 hours. Once a read is complete, we are able to load these forms onto a HIPAA-compliant platform in order to have fast, secure delivery to your clinic. 

We accept both personal injury liens and worker’s compensation liens.

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