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Orthopedic MRI

orthopedic mri msk mri omaha

Orthopedic MRI is used to image the bones, joints, and soft tissues like tendons, cartilage, and muscles. It can help detect abnormalities such as injuries and deterioration, as well as, pathologies like tumors, inflammatory disease, and degenerative disorders. Since MRI produces extremely detailed images, it is recommended over other imaging modalities like CT or X-Ray for musculoskeletal imaging. FirstScan™ can perform orthopedic imaging on both adult and pediatric patients. 

Using our two, state-of-the-art, high field MRI scanners and dedicated MRI antenna for every anatomy, we provide the highest quality imaging of the musculoskeletal anatomies including: 

  • C-Spine MRI

  • T-Spine MRI

  • L-Spine MRI

  • Shoulder MRI

  • Hand MRI

  • Pelvis MRI

  • Hip MRI

  • Femur MRI

  • Knee MRI

  • Tibula/Fibula MRI

  • Ankle MRI

  • Foot MRI

  • Humerus MRI

  • Elbow MRI

  • Forearm MRI

  • Wrist MRI

All of our orthopedic studies are read by board-certified, subspecialty radiologists

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