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FirstScan™ offers state of the art diagnostics in a comfortable setting for your patients

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MRI imaging needs. 

FirstScan™ is a diagnostic imaging center that services the greater Omaha metro area and surrounding region. We are the only independent facility with a high-field 3T MRI scanner in the area. As a result, we offer the most technologically-advanced software applications, clinical protocols, and MRI antennae on the market. All of our MRI images are acquired by our highly trained technologists and read by world-class radiologists to support diagnostic accuracy. We provide all of our MRI services in a caring and compassionate manner, with patient comfort as our highest priority. Most of our scans are noninvasive and take around 20 minutes. When the scan is complete, FirstScan™ provides our referring physicians with fast reports and enhanced images via our web-based PACS system to streamline reporting and eliminate paperwork. 

What Sets FirstScan™ Apart

  • FirstScan™ 100% locally veteran-owned and operated

  • FirstScan™ is the only independent facility in the area accredited by the American College of Radiology for Body imaging, MSK, Spine, and Head. As a result, we offer highly-specialized scanning services.

  • FirstScan™ has both a 3T and a 1.5T MRI scanner meet any imaging need

  • FirstScan™ is accessible within minutes from anywhere in Omaha. No busy intersections or overcrowded parking lots. Privacy your patients will appreciate.

  • FirstScan™ is a low-cost provider. We accept Medicare, most insurance plans, and offer cash pay discounts.

FirstScan™ is the only independent facility in the region accredited by the ACR for Body imaging 

We are also accredited for MSK, Spine, and Head imaging

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