What To Expect During Your Appointment


Conveniently located off of I-80, our clinic offers accessible reserved upfront parking. When you enter, you will be greeted by our friendly patient services representative who will escort you to your private dressing room where you will relax with some refreshments, fill out your paperwork, and prepare for your scan.


Next, you will have a one on one consultation with our knowledgeable MRI technologist who will go over the procedure and instruct you on anything you'll need to know. If you are nervous about the scan or are afraid of feeling claustrophobic, let our technologist know during this time so they can accommodate your worries. We pride ourselves on making sure all of our patients are comfortable during the scan, so please let us know if there is anything that could make your experience better.



Our MRI technologist will make sure that you are wearing something that you can be safely scanned in. We have slip-on apparel if needed. You will then be given a personal locker to store your valuable items such as your wallet, cell phone, and keys. During this time, if a contrast agent is required for your scan, a shot will be administered. Then you'll be lead into the scan room where the technologist will position you on the scanning bed with the MRI antennae. We strive to find a position that is both comfortable for you but helps us get the highest quality diagnostic images.


During the scan, you will lie back and relax. The MRI machine makes a knocking sound that unfortunately cannot be turned off. To help reduce this sound, we'll issue comfortable earplugs. We also offer all our patients headphones to listen to their own music selection if they choose. If at any point during the scan you feel uncomfortable, simply let us know. Depending on the anatomy that is being scanned, you may be repositioned to ensure that we get the images we need for your doctor. Most of our scans last around 20 minutes to an hour.


Once the scan is over, you will be instructed on how to receive your results. We offer a quick turnaround and you will have them in 1-2 business days. Since all of the scans we do at FirstScan are completely noninvasive, unless contrast is ordered, they are pain-free. You'll be able to drive home once your scan is finished unless you took a sedative for claustrophobia. In that case, another driver is warranted. 

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FirstScan™ is the only independent facility in the region accredited by the ACR for Body imaging 

We are also accredited for MSK, Spine, and Head imaging

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