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Pelvic MRI

radiologist pelvic mri omaha

An adjunctive screening tool used in tandem with ultrasound, Pelvic MRI with contrast injection can provide highly detailed imaging of the female pelvis. Pelvic MRI is extremely sensitive and specific and can be used in diagnostics when sonographic characteristics are not definitive.


  • Pre- and post-procedural assessment for uterine artery embolization

  • Diagnosis of adenomyosis

  • Endometrial and cervical carcinoma

  • Müllerian ductal anomalies

  • Pre-surgical workup for pelvic floor prolapse

  • Pregnant patients with acute pelvic pain

  • Fetal anatomy


Pelvic MRI is safe for pregnant women because unlike X-rays and CT scans, MRI does not use radiation to create images. At FirstScan, we conduct our Pelvic MRIs with a non-invasive, targeted antenna, and the scan takes only 20 minutes.

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