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Prostate MRI for Physicians

You can give your patients access to life-saving prostate cancer early detection technology


As a physician, there’s a good chance you’ve seen this scenario unfold time and time again. Your patient has a PSA of 4 ng/ml or above. You refer them to a urologist where the old standard of care is to rely solely on a DRE or 12 core random biopsy. Your patient has been put through an uncomfortable procedure and then the results are inconclusive. FirstScan™ has provided you and your patients with an alternative choice: Utilize a non-invasive, highly-accurate and affordable adjunctive screening with prostate MRI. Prostate MRI images can be used to help the urologist accurately biopsy a suspicious cancer if one is detected and put your patient's mind at ease if one is not. Good for you, your patient, and the urologist. 

The growing popularity of MRI screening


MRI scans are now being utilized by the top 25 research hospitals in the U.S. as an alternative to digital rectal exams or relying solely on unguided biopsies. An MRI can reliably detect whether or not a tumor is present. If no tumor is suspected, the patient will not need a biopsy. However, most MRI systems use an endo-rectal probe when screening for prostate cancer. Not only is it invasive (an antenna is inserted into the rectum), it’s also expensive.


FirstScan™ offers a better MRI for early prostate cancer detection


FirstScan™ utilizes the latest biparametric MRI technology (bpMRI), combined with top-tier MRI systems, to offer a new form of early prostate cancer detection through the use of advanced technology.  As opposed to the commonly used endo-rectal probe, FirstScan™ features ScanMed®’s novel, wearable, non-invasive MRI prostate coil for scanning. The coil, made up of multiple antenna resonators, allows for better reception and improved image quality. During the 20-minute scan, the patient lies comfortably in the MRI system. No needles. No probes.

prostate mri coil omaha

FirstScan™ uses the

patented technology

of the PROCURE™

Prostate Coil


By Annerleim Walton-Diaz, MD and Soroush Rais-Bahrami, MD

Your Patients Deserve The Best Care

In addition to being patient-friendly, non-invasive, and comfortable FirstScan™'s Prostate MRI stands out from other screening methods because it is:



Compared to the less-than-50% success rates of digital rectal exams and non-image guided biopsies, the high-quality imaging available through FirstScan™'s bpMRI technology brings the predictive value to over 80%. This huge improvement in accuracy can lead to early detection and lives saved.


The entire procedure lasts about 20 minutes, and you will receive your patient’s radiologist report within 1-2 business days.


The cost of a FirstScan™ MRI is $595 to your patient, including the radiologist report. This affordable price is less than the typical out-of-pocket co-pay for an insurance-paid MRI.


Several of the top 25 research hospitals and providers located on the coasts utilize ScanMed®’s patented prostate MRI antenna in order to significantly enhance image quality and improve their diagnostic efficacy. You can get this same quality of care at FirstScan™. 


Our clinic is located just off of I-80, for convenient access from virtually anywhere in the region. We’re focused on patient satisfaction, and we will ensure that your patient is able to get in for his screening as soon as possible.


We realize that the Standard of Care today doesn’t specify PCa screening. Because of this, FirstScan™ will be collecting data under a research study (IRB) with the intention of publishing results to prove the clinical merit of MRI Prostate Cancer Screening. 

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